Planting Success: Give Your Trees & Shrubs the Thriving Start They Deserve

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape isn't just about the immediate beauty – it's an investment in the future. Watching them mature and flourish year after year brings immense satisfaction. But ensuring their success starts not in the future, but with the initial planting. Here's how we can help you give your trees and shrubs the optimal start:

Building a Strong Foundation:

The foundation of any healthy tree or shrub lies in the soil. For new landscapes, consider Eco Organic Topsoil: Coarse Mix. Packed with the nutrient-rich power of our flagship product, Eco Organic Soil Improver, it boasts a high organic content that fuels vigorous growth and healthy root development with a low stone content to encourage drainage. This translates to strong, resilient trees and shrubs that can withstand various challenges.

Revitalising Existing Soil:

Perhaps you're adding new additions to an established landscape. In this case, Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub becomes your best friend. This specially formulated blend helps young trees and shrubs thrive by lowering the soil's natural pH value. This is crucial for certain plants, like rhododendrons and camellias, that prefer acidic soil conditions. By adjusting the pH level, you create an environment where these plants can readily access essential nutrients, leading to vibrant foliage and stunning blooms.

Beyond the Soil:

While soil quality is paramount, proper care extends beyond it. Here are some additional tips to ensure your trees and shrubs flourish:

  • Choose the right location: Consider factors like sunlight, soil moisture, and mature size when selecting a planting spot.
  • Dig a spacious hole: Give the roots ample room to spread by digging a hole at least twice the width of the root ball.
  • Plant at the correct depth: Avoid burying the tree or shrub too deep, as this can suffocate the roots. The root flare (where the trunk widens) should be level with the surrounding soil.
  • Water thoroughly: Deep watering encourages deep root development, making your plants more resilient to drought.
  • Mulch around the base: A layer of mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature.
  • Provide ongoing care: Regularly monitor your trees and shrubs for signs of stress or disease, and address any issues promptly.

Chosen Day Convenience:

We understand that time is precious. With our delivery service, you can have the essential planting products delivered straight to your door on a day that suits you. This eliminates unnecessary trips and ensures you have everything you need to give your trees and shrubs the best possible start.

Investing in the future of your landscape starts with investing in the right foundation. Let us help you set your trees and shrubs on the path to success with our comprehensive range of planting products and convenient delivery options.

Remember, a thriving garden begins with healthy trees and shrubs. By focusing on proper planting techniques and providing the right environment, you can cultivate a beautiful and lasting landscape that you'll enjoy for years to come.