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Eco Organic Topsoil: Fruit & Veg

Eco Organic Topsoil: Fruit & Veg

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This rich topsoil nourishes fruit and vegetable plants in patches, raised beds or allotments.

Eco Organic Topsoil: Fruit & Veg is available in XL bulk bags approx. 750L for chosen day delivery.

Give your fruit and vegetables a fertile base from which to grow and flourish. This manufactured organic topsoil has been screened to 10mm and formulated with an 80:20 blend using our Eco Mix, peat-free soil improver (PAS100 certified). From tomatoes to runner beans, cabbage to cucumbers, you won’t need additional fertilisers as our topsoil provides a rich, nutrient profile to grow your own produce.

Our bulk bags of Eco Organic Topsoil: Fruit & Veg are highly sustainable having been made from recycled high sand content soils from Dorset.

We always carry out thorough quality checks, and our topsoil is also regularly tested by leading soil scientist, Tim O’Hare, meeting BS:3882:2015 certification.

Note: there can be stones within this mix.

Key Benefits

Why choose our organic topsoil?

  • Give fruits and vegetables the rich nutrients and energy needed to grow in patches, planters, greenhouses and allotments
  • Organic matter content helps with moisture retention and improves soil structure
  • Easy to apply
  • Also ideal for general garden use

Usage Restrictions

Our Beds & Borders topsoil is not suitable for use as a top dressing or as a surface layer for professional sport pitches.

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Work out how much you need....

Measure: Width x Length (meters) = Surface Area (m²).

Depth: We recommend a 5cm depth. Surface Area x 0.05 = Total Area (m³).

Bags Needed: Total Area (m³) / 0.73 (ECO bag coverage) = Number of Bags.

Tip: Round up for extra coverage.

Important information

Our delivery is kerbside, using non-returnable pallets for safety.

We deliver across England and Wales. However, due to the additional carbon footprint involved in transporting Eco products across water, we are unable to deliver to the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, and Isle of Man.

Products, up to 1 tonne are delivered in Eco Bulk Bags, positioned as close as possible to your preferred spot, considering access and surface limitations. Please keep the ECO bag as it is super useful for garden waste.

Delivery does require hard road access as we are unable to carry the bags over inclines, shingle or into rear gardens.

Presence is advised to make sure the delivery happens without issue, please be aware if you location is not suitable for kerbside delivery there is a chance it may incur return costs.

More About Kerbside Delivery

Eco Organic Topsoil: Fruit & Veg questions

What is the best topsoil for growing fruit and vegetables?

Eco Fruit and Veg Topsoil is the top choice for bountiful harvests. Its nutrient-rich composition and balanced pH level create an ideal environment for fruit and vegetable growth, ensuring robust plants and delicious produce. Give your garden the best foundation for success.

How to prepare topsoil for fruit and vegetables?

Clear debris and weeds, then mix in Eco Fruit and Veg Topsoil at a depth of 20-30cm. Our topsoil is blended with a mix of Eco Mix compost, giving your produce readily available organic matter that enhances fertility, helps with moisture retention and ensures your plants receive the nourishment they crave.

Is topsoil or compost better for growing fruit and vegetables?

For fruit and vegetable cultivation, Eco Fruit and Veg Topsoil reigns supreme. Its nutrient-rich composition and well-draining structure foster root development and plant vigour. While compost supplements soil fertility, our topsoil provides the ideal foundation for thriving crops and bountiful yields.