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Eco Bark & Mulch: Playground Chippings

Eco Bark & Mulch: Playground Chippings

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Chip-based surface, recycled from local Dorset trees and made specifically for playgrounds.

Eco Bark & Mulch: Playground Chippings are available in XL bulk bags approx. 750L for chosen day delivery.

A natural, organic and cost-effective alternative to traditional rubberised playground surfaces, Playground Bark Chippings adds character and safety to any play area.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 1177:2018 (to a depth of 30cm), this wood chip product is carefully scrutinised to meet maximum quality and safety protocols.

A fine blend of sustainably sourced soft and hardwood log chippings.

Suitable to be used for play areas all year round with excellent drainage qualities. It’s no wonder why our bulk bags of environmentally-friendly and organic Playground Chippings is a firm favourite with councils, schools and parents.

Key Benefits

Why choose our bark chippings?

  • Long lasting and durable with a life span of 2-3 years
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to install and requires little maintenance
  • Pet, plant and environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective and natural alternative to rubber
  • Recyclable and easy to dispose of when no longer needed

Usage Restrictions

No Restrictions

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Work out how much you need....

Measure: Width x Length (meters) = Surface Area (m²).

Depth: We recommend a 5cm depth. Surface Area x 0.05 = Total Area (m³).

Bags Needed: Total Area (m³) / 0.73 (ECO bag coverage) = Number of Bags.

Tip: Round up for extra coverage.

Important information

Our delivery is kerbside, using non-returnable pallets for safety.

We deliver across England and Wales. However, due to the additional carbon footprint involved in transporting Eco products across water, we are unable to deliver to the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, and Isle of Man.

Products, up to 1 tonne are delivered in Eco Bulk Bags, positioned as close as possible to your preferred spot, considering access and surface limitations. Please keep the ECO bag as it is super useful for garden waste.

Delivery does require hard road access as we are unable to carry the bags over inclines, shingle or into rear gardens.

Presence is advised to make sure the delivery happens without issue, please be aware if you location is not suitable for kerbside delivery there is a chance it may incur return costs.

More About Kerbside Delivery

Eco Bark & Mulch: Playground Chippings questions

How do I lay bark chippings for a play area?

When laying bark chippings, it is crucial to ensure the depth correlates to the potential fall heights. A fall height of 1.6m needs 10cm, 4.1m needs 20cm & 5m needs 30cm. This ensures the surface is compliant with EN 1177 safety standards.

Why should I use bark chippings for my playground surface?

Our Bark chippings are certified to playground safety standards (EN1177:2008), meaning when applied to correct depths, it provides a safer surface. The darker colour of the bark also looks fantastic, meaning playgrounds and play areas have a professional, premium appearance.

Are playground chippings safe for falls? What depth is required?

Yes, playground bark chippings can be safe for falls, but depth is crucial. Always follow safety standards! For commercial playgrounds, ensure a depth of 30cm (12 inches). In home settings, 15cm (6 inches) is the minimum recommendation to minimise injury risk. Choose appropriately sized chippings based on the fall height and opt for certified products for added peace of mind.