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Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub

Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub

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Peat-free, organic soil improver, perfect for giving acid-loving (ericaceous) trees and shrubs a boost.

Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub is available in XL bulk bags approx. 750L for chosen day delivery.

Take your trees to new heights with our bulk bags of Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub. Made specifically for plants that need an acid environment, the added phosphoric acid helps to establish young trees and shrubs by lowering the soil’s natural pH value.

Locally produced by composting organic offcuts from Dorset gardens, the 12 week maturation process produces a sustainable and high quality, peat-free organic compost.

Screened to 10mm and with added phosphoric acid, your acid-loving (ericaceous) trees and shrubs will receive a welcome boost.

Spread Tree & Shrub ericaceous compost through the soil around your trees and shrubs for optimum results.

Key Benefits

Why choose our organic compost?

  • Improves moisture retention and soil structure
  • Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of organic matter, which helps plants to establish quickly
  • Easy to apply
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Designed specifically for trees and shrubs that require an acid growing environment (ericaceous)

Usage Restrictions

Not suitable for use as a top dressing for turf.

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Work out how much you need....

Measure: Width x Length (meters) = Surface Area (m²).

Depth: We recommend a 5cm depth. Surface Area x 0.05 = Total Area (m³).

Bags Needed: Total Area (m³) / 0.73 (ECO bag coverage) = Number of Bags.

Tip: Round up for extra coverage.

Important information

Our delivery is kerbside, using non-returnable pallets for safety.

We deliver across England and Wales. However, due to the additional carbon footprint involved in transporting Eco products across water, we are unable to deliver to the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, and Isle of Man.

Products, up to 1 tonne are delivered in Eco Bulk Bags, positioned as close as possible to your preferred spot, considering access and surface limitations. Please keep the ECO bag as it is super useful for garden waste.

Delivery does require hard road access as we are unable to carry the bags over inclines, shingle or into rear gardens.

Presence is advised to make sure the delivery happens without issue, please be aware if you location is not suitable for kerbside delivery there is a chance it may incur return costs.

More About Kerbside Delivery

Eco Organic Compost: Tree & Shrub questions

How does phosphoric acid in compost helps trees grow better?

Some trees and shrubs prefer a more acidic soil. Our Tree & Shrub is made to order and we create this by adding in acid. This will lower the soil’s pH value to encourage young trees and shrubs to establish.

How long does it take to make organic compost?

Local garden offcuts are processed and matured for up to 12 weeks. The oxygen levels and temperate have to be optimal to create the perfect environment for the material to breakdown. Our dedicated team go through stringent quality protocols and conduct daily checks as per PAS100 protocol.

How much compost will I need for garden project?

To work out the volume of the area you are working with, you will need to use the formula length(m) x width(m) x depth(m). The answer will give you the cubic meterage of your chosen area. We’d recommend a depth of 5cm. Alternatively, use our free volume calculator.