Collection: Soil

Work out how much you need....

Measure: Width x Length (meters) = Surface Area (m²).

Depth: We recommend a 5cm depth. Surface Area x 0.05 = Total Area (m³).

Bags Needed: Total Area (m³) / 0.73 (ECO bag coverage) = Number of Bags.

Tip: Round up for extra coverage.

Eco organic topsoil with shovel

SuperSoils, no fertilisers required

Providing nutrients for plants to thrive

If you want to establish healthy plants in your garden, our range of topsoil’s are the perfect choice. Our high-quality eco soils are nutrient-rich and an excellent source of organic matter, providing everything your plants need to grow and thrive.

SuperSoil, Perfect For all Types of Landscaping

We believe in providing our customers with the best possible growing conditions for their plants. That's why we blend our Super soils with our Eco Mix soil improver, providing the fantastic organic composition (topsoil and compost mix) that plants need to establish quickly and grow for longer.

Whether you are growing fruits and vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs, topsoil can help you achieve the best possible results. They are easy to use and require no fertilisers, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for your garden.

Compost in wheelbarrow with shovel

Quality organic topsoil's with compost

In addition to providing excellent growing conditions for your plants, our eco soils are also an excellent source of organic matter that help to improve soil structure, promote healthy root development, and increase soil fertility.

This means that you can enjoy a healthier, more productive fruit and vegetable garden without the use of harmful chemicals or fertilisers.

Included in our range is a variety of different soil blends with peat-free compost (topsoil compost mix), each designed to suit the needs of different plants and growing conditions. Whether you are looking to plant vegetables and fruit, lay turf or just need a general purpose super soil, we have what you are looking for available in bulk bags, delivered nationwide.

We offer Eco landscaping products in XL bulk bags (750L) with the option of chosen day delivery. Our kerbside delivery service is available across England and Wales.

However, due to the increased carbon footprint associated with transporting Eco bulk bags over water, we regret that we cannot deliver to the Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, and Isle of Man.