Top 5 Useful Landscaping Tools You Didn’t Know You Need

Landscaping is hard work no matter who you are. Whether you do it on the weekends for fun and relaxation or as your career, it can be a hard task even with all the correct tools and equipment. So, in the spirit of making things a little easier on the hard working landscapers of the world, we’ve put together a list of some key specialised tools to help make jobs a little easier.

Block Paving Knife

A block paving knife is a simple hooked knife that makes maintenance tasks a much simpler affair. The shame of the knife is specifically designed to be driven into the gap between pavers, bricks and concrete and used to remove debris and weeds that may be growing there. It’s an inexpensive tool that saves time when doing the ‘finishing touches’ or maintenance work to a landscape and protects your more precious blades from harm.


A dibber is a perfect, conical knife that aids in the planting of seeds, seedlings and saplings. By pressing the sharp end into the soil you can displace the earth around it, quickly and easily creating a hole for the seed you are about to plant. Dibbers are a simple small tools that don’t take up a lot of space in the tool chest, so not having one would be a mistake.


A Hori-Hori is a small Japanese gardening knife designed for digging, weeding and general small dirt work. The name Hori-Hori is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of digging. The tool has a long, thin blade, traditionally with serrations down one edge to aid in slicing through tough soil and roots and a sharpened edge on the other side. Originally used for transplanting delicate plants, this tool is a brilliant multi-tool for different situations.

Metal Working Tools

What? Metal working tools!? Hear us out. There’s one very good reason why we’ve included metal working tools in this list. Tool Sharpening. You see, your other tools are all pieces of metal and most of them rely on being nice and sharp. When your blades go dull, you have to put in more effort, quality of work decreases and things just generally get harder. Grab yourself a set of quality hand files and maybe even an angle grinder for large blades and learn how to sharpen your tools yourself, including your mower blades. Time, effort and money saved.

Easy lift harness

These harnesses are perfect for landscapers who are often carrying heavy tools for long periods of time. The easy lift harness straps onto your back and hips and extends an arm directly over your head. From this sprung arm you suspend the heavy tool. The arm takes the weight of the tool and transfers it to your hips, allowing you to carry it for much longer, without damage to your back and arms and allows you to work safer for longer.