How We Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Recycled Wood

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we’ve been feeling rather festive at Eco this year. The team always decorate the office at Christmas, but this year we decided to make a green tree to celebrate our love of recycling! I know what you’re thinking, aren’t all Christmas trees green? Well, we don’t mean green in colour; we mean ‘saving-the-planet- and-recycling-type-green.’ – Which as you know, is what we’re all about here at Eco! Our brilliant Business Account Manager; Charlotte, had a moment of inspiration, when she saw a picture of a pallet Christmas tree on Pinterest whilst looking for Festive ideas. She drew up some measurements, mocked up a small design in paper and presented it to the team for approval. It didn’t take much convincing, the team absolutely loved the idea and plans were started for construction. Being our usual organised selves (and also because we’re very eager to start celebrating Christmas), we started the process on Monday 23rd November. We began by finding 3 large pallets of recycled wood from our stock pile at Parley. After finding our required materials, we started by marking out measurements on the wood so the planks could be cut down to the correct size. With our instructions at the ready, we were now ready for some sawing!

This next step took some hard graft! The task was undertaken by Charlotte and Alison and was spread across Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th November. The hard wood base was given some thought and then constructed with the help of our Commercial Director; Peter Hardy. At the end of the day, we had all the pieces required for the build and we finished by ordering a 2 metre length of12mm threaded bar for the structural support.

In the true spirit of Christmas, our next door neighbours – the Fencing Centre, kindly drilled a 12mm hole through each piece of wood and the centre of the base frame. This saved us an incredible amount of time and we were extremely grateful for their accuracy and turnaround time.

Both the Sales and Operation departments worked together to complete the tree and the project was completed on Thursday 26th November. We’re really pleased with the outcome! Not only does it look super stylish and festive but it really shows the endless possibilities when it comes to recycling.

If your office has done something similar we’d love to see! Why not give us a like on Facebook and send us a few photos?