7 Reasons to Choose a Natural Playground Surface

While there are many types of playground surfacing options available, play chip is preferred by many playground and grounds managers for the following reasons:

1. A Natural Appearance

Play chip is a natural product and therefore has a natural look-and-feel which is preferred by parents. Wholesome and healthy-looking playgrounds will always be favourites with parents.

2. Increase Wellbeing

Natural products and ‘free range play’ encourage children to explore nature and use their imaginations. This in-turn helps with wellbeing and development.

3. Eco-Friendly

With the increasing importance of being eco-friendly and using sustainable products, it’s well worth noting that when play chip is produced sustainably there isn’t a negative impact on the environment. In fact, when it is created as a result of recycling, it is having a positive impact.

4. Beneficial to Surroundings

When used on a playground, the play chip will naturally begin to decompose after 2-3 years and replenishment will be required. However, the old play chip can stay where it is – it doesn’t need to be removed and disposed of. In fact, as the play bark breaks down, the nutrients it contains will feed into the ground and help nearby plants to grow.

5. Ease of Installation

It’s very easy to install. Just a bit of raking is required. There’s really nothing to it!

6. Easy to Maintain

Maintenance of a play chip covered playground is very easy. Sometimes it will need raking back into place around areas of heavy use e.g. at the bottom of a slide.

7. Ease of Disposal

Play chip is easy to dispose of, if you ever need to dispose of it at all. It’s a natural product which can easily be recycled for further use into general purpose or contract mulch, or compost. It certainly won’t have to go to landfill an incur hefty disposal charges.