Top Gardening Jobs for May

May brings lots of sunshine and warmer weather, making it the perfect time to get out and enjoy your garden. Lets explore some of the best jobs to tackle this month.

Revitalise Your Soil

Start by clearing away any debris and weeds, then enrich the soil with compost such as our Eco Organic Soil Improver. This will replenish nutrients and improve soil structure, providing an optimal foundation for healthy plant growth throughout the summer.

Plant Summer Annuals & Perennials

Take advantage of the rising temperatures to plant summer annuals and perennials in your garden. Remember to water them thoroughly after planting and mulch around the base to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Have a read of our handy guide on summer planting.

Prune & Shape

May is a great time to prune and tidy up your trees, shrubs and hedges to promote healthy growth and maintain a smart appearance. Remove any dead or diseased branches and trim foliage into the desired shapes.

Protect Against Pests and Diseases

As the weather improves, the chances of contracting pests and diseases increase. Keep a vigilant eye out for signs of infestation and take proactive measures to protect your plants. Using a product like Woodland Mulch can act as a barrier to deter pests from making a home out of your garden beds and borders.

Lawn Care

It's time to give your awn some attention! Mow regularly, but avoid cutting it too short as this can stress the grass. Aerate compacted areas to improve drainage and overseed any bare patches for the ultimate green lawn.

By tackling these tasks, you'll set your garden up for success as it transitions into the summer months.