Choosing Your Turf

A successful lawn relies on more than choosing the right time of year to lay the turf. This blog focuses on the things to bear in mind when choosing your turf.

What Type of Lawn do you Want?

Laying turf is one thing, but choosing the right type of turf is another. Choose the wrong type of turf for the intentions of your lawn and it could spell disaster. Some grass grows well in the shade, some is more hardy and better suited to sports venues than gardens. Are you laying a family lawn or an ornamental lawn? Do you need to put down a low maintenance lawn or are you installing (or touching up) a sports field?

Depending on the intended use for your lawn, you should ideally search for the best type of turf to meet your needs. For example, an ornamental lawn will require a different type of grass seed than a family lawn or sports field grass.

Think of the Location

Will your lawn be in the full sun all day long or mostly in the shade? Does the area drain well, or does it remain waterlogged after the rain? Some grass is much better suited to full shade or soggy conditions, while a lawn which receiving lots of footfall will require a different, more hardy type of grass than a lawn which is mainly for decoration. Thinking about these types of questions before hand will help you select the best type of turf for your needs. It could also prevent a disaster.

Types of Grass

You might think that all turf is the same, but it’s really not. There are many different varieties of grass seed, and turf can be made with either a single type or a variety of seeds. Some of the most common types of lawn grass in the UK are Ryegrass, Fescue and Meadowgrass. The qualities of these grasses are outlined below:


  • Prefers full sun, but can grow in partial shade
  • Boasts rapid establishment and a long life
  • Common in the UK
  • Highly resistant


  • Looks great
  • Very durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Grows well in dry and shady conditions
  • Rapid establishment


  • Highly adaptable
  • Can grow in many different terrains
  • Can become weak and die during the winter
  • Can be high maintenance

Blended Grass Seed Turf

So, while some grass can flourish in full sun and some is suited to shade, it makes sense that some of the best-selling turf is made from a blend, or mix of, grass seed, each bringing its own good qualities into the mix. This kind of turf is often classed as a great all-rounder and is labelled as such. Turf which is created with a blend of grass seed is often the best choice for a family lawn which will see a fair amount of use all year but especially during the summer months.

Eco are proud stockists of the excellent Rolawn Medallion and Hallstone Range turf. Both of these types of turf are created with a mix of seeds including ryegrass and fescue. The combined qualities of these grasses make Rolawn Medallion turf and Hallstone turf a favourite with landscapers and ground managers.